Performance Turbo Mass Gainer contains 5 types of proteins that contribute to the increase of muscle mass. The combined proteins deliver the total range of amino acids.

Kre-Alkalyn® is a patented ingredient based on creatine, of which the corrected pH value ensures e better stability. In addition, Turbo Mass Gainer also contains creatine, which improves the physical performances during successive efforts of short duration and high intensity. This beneficial effect is achieved with a daily use of 3g of creatine.

In addition to the 5 types of proteins, this food supplement also contains 3 types of carbohydrates: dextrose, maltodextrin and fructose. The proteins and carbohydrates provide the largest share of energy from this product, in particular more than 800kcal per 225g, normally sufficient to optimally complete a full training.

Suggested use: Mix, 3 times a day, 75g of powder (1,5 scoop) with 50cl of cold milk.
Flavours: Strawberry , banana, chocolate and vanilla.
Packaging: Available in a pot of 1000g and 3000g.

Allergens: Contains milk (lactose), gluten, eggs, soya or derivates thereof.