Protein Baking Mix is ​​a good alternative to your daily diet with the same muscle-building benefits as an ordinary shake. This baking mix contains 4 different superb, high quality  protein sources that contribute to the maintenance and the increase of your muscle mass. Calcium caseinate is slowly digested and provides a gradual release of amino acid in your bloodstream. Whey proteins, on the other hand, work very quickly, so your body is immediately provided with the necessary amino acids that contribute to muscle growth and muscle recovery. Hydrolisate has high quality amino acid profiles, contains low fat and has an extremely low lactose content. Isolate is seen as the purest form with the highest biological value. It is absorbed more quickly than other proteins, which can contribute to maximum protein synthesis. Whey Isolate also contains as good as no fat or lactose and can be considered as the best protein source in support of fat-free muscle mass. Our Protein Baking Mix also contains the protein egg albumin which stimulates the repair of your muscles for a long time after they are consumed.