The high amount of oats and fruits in this bar makes it the ideal snack for long, intense workouts. It provides a maximum amount of energy for its small size.

Its two types of sugars give it a mixed glycemic index (GI) for short as well as prolonged action. With its combination of different nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats), it offers great energy value over short, medium and long distances.

Easy to carry, its convenience promotes the use of ideal portions when a workout demands a maximum of energy.
This bar reinforces the action of drinks and gels for training or competitions.

> Energy value
> Convenient snack
> Delicious
> Small size
> High GI

Suggested use: 1 bar 1 hour before a workout, and for prolonged training, 1 bar during.
Flavours: Banana, Sultana Cherry, Chocolate, White chocolate, Latte Macchiato, Chocolate mix (3 varieties).
Packaging: Display per flavour contains 18 bars (70g).