Built for Elite Ops™, the NEW MOHOC® IR Camera incorporates the revolutionary
snag-free form factor, durability, and user interface features of the standard MOHOC® Camera with a NEW IR lens and IR-optimized software for night operation.

It captures Full HD, black and white (B&W), 1080p video and 12MP photos in total darkness when used with infrared illumination. MOHOC® IR also records B&W images in daylight, low light, and white light conditions…one camera for the entire visible and infrared light spectrum from 420nm to 950nm wavelengths.

Please note the MOHOC® IR Camera is NOT an image intensifying device, i.e. night-vision goggles. The camera requires an external IR light source, with optimal image quality under powerful IR flood illumination. 


€898.95 Regular Price
€719.16Sale Price